What's goin' down, April 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年4月

Must Sees
2 x 個展 @ Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau (April 4th~24th) FLAGGED
Absolute must this month is the double 個展 at Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau in Osaka-ko.]
1) 中西章之 個展 VII-2: NAKANISHI Akiyuki - An exhibition centered around the very prominent pillars at Yamaguchi.
2) Irradiation: KODAMA Taichi - Excellent Silk-screened works.
We picked up VII-2 in FLAG this month (which is out, by they way).

HeadSpace @ Cafe Absinthe (17th April ALL NIGHT!)
Your one chance to see David SHILLINGLAW and just about all the Foreign artists in Osaka, all in one night. From evening till morning, this won't fail to impress, be sure. Organized and run by Jamie Goodenough, who runs HeadSpace in Nara, a new gallery that's just popped up. We're helping him out a bit with media support. Entry is only ¥1500, and all proceeds are going to the artists!

Other Recommends
mirocomachiko - Solo Exhibition @ iTohen (April 14th~25th)
Sarah Van Marcke - The space between us @ Flanders Gallery (April 2nd~28th) FLAGGED
Food for the senses @ CASO (April 6th~18th) FLAGGED
Creative Moments @ SoHo Gallery (May 25th~June 13th)
nomoto piropiro @ TEZUKAYAMA Gallery (April 9th~30th) FLAGGED

Keep an eye on these information sites:
Geiriki - Japanese Artists Database
A very nice site (apparently run by a single individual). FLAG has gone into a media partnership with them supporting Art Osaka 2010 this year. Yeah! Go Osaka!

Oh yeah! It's up and sexy and ready and loaded with events! Check it out!