What's goin' down, July 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年7月

Well, I've been a tad bit lazy, skipping the action packed month of June. Not to worry, I'm back and meaner than ever with stuff for July.

Must Sees
It's Art Osaka 2010 this month! The greatest art fair in Kansai will be held at the Dojima Hotel on the 10th and 11th (12:00~19:00). There are 47 rooms to see, with 23 solo exhibitions. 4 floors of the hotel booked solid. It's our FLAGged Event this issue for FLAG 005. ¥1,000 for a 1 day pass.

Other Recommends
Hirotsune TASHIMA's solo exhibition @ Yoshiako Inoue Gallery (July 7~31)
Shigeo FUKUDA's Visual Jumping @ ddd gallery (July 13~Sep 4)

Keep an eye on these information sites:
Thought I'd do a bit of a spotlight on Konohana-ku this time. I guess because rents cheap, all these creative places are popping up down there.
Konohana Media—http://medias.sitemix.jp/
Buzzing with events and proactive community based art.
A nice artist in resident program.
Kurome Garou—http://kuromegarou.seesaa.net/
The coolest underground gallery and event, live space in Konohanaku.