Personal Circles • パーソナルサークルズ

On right now is a collaborative exhibition we've been organizing with itohen; "Personal Circles".

The 5 artists featured will exhibit sketches of their own personal circles; things directly in their personal lives. The list of international guests with different academic backgrounds makes it a must see for anyone interested in either 1) the range of technical approaches to sketching to see, or 2) the relations the artists have with their own 'personal circles', and the comparisons that can be made between the participants.

参加者5人は自分の身の回りの世界(=Personal Circle)のスケッチを展示します。国際の様々参加者の学歴も違いますから、1)技術的アプローチと 2)参加者と身の回りの世界の関係と他の参加者と比べること、この二つのことに興味ある人々は是非見に来て下さい。

Featured for this first exhibition are the following people:
Eeshaun (Singaporean・シンガポール人)
Kasper Strömman (Finnish・フィンランド人)
Ross Siu (Japan based Canadian・日本に住まいカナダ人)
Shinichi Takeda (France based Japanese・フランスに住んでいた日本人)
Mugi Takei (USA based Japanese・アメリカに住んでいる日本人)

Personal Circles will be held at iTohen from Nov 4 Wed ~ Nov 15 Sun (11:00~18:00, closed on Mon, Tue).
パーソナルサークルズはいとへんで 11月4日(水)〜 11月15日(11:00~18:00、月・火休み)

There is also a silkscreen printing workshop @ OOO on the 7th of Nov, where participants are invited to screen print the various members artworks onto their own items of clothing, (or bags, or whatever!). All you can print for ¥3,000. I'll be helping out with that, so come along!


Also Ross Siu will be holding a sketch workshop on the 8th at Itohen in the afternoon. After his workshop is the reception party, which everyone is invited to come along to. Network, and expand your own personal circle.


See you there!

What's goin' down, Nov 2009 • 何が起こってんの、2009年11月

Must Sees
Gallerism @ Genbi Centre, (2nd~14th)
When you think Osaka, you don't really think art. Gallerism is one event to shatter this preconception! Osaka has swaths of gallery areas and numerous established galleries, and Gallerism is one event bringing them all together: Amano Garo, Gallery AO, Gallery Haku, Gallery H.O.T, Gallery Wks. Cubic Gallery, Bangarou, and more! But it's not about the galleries, it's about creating a good atmosphere in Osaka, and supporting young artists like Kyoto NAKAMURA, Masaki TAMURA, Takao KANO, Yusaku MIYAHARA, Ayami ITO, Akiko KAWABATA, Tomoyuki NAKAMOTO, and more more more!
Get in there! Get down to Gallerism!

Personal Circles @ iTohen, (4th~15th)
Awesome mix of sketches from Artists all over the world. Participants of different academic backgrounds (illustration, fine art, etc.) present sketches of objects and items in their own personal circles. Screen printing workshop @ OOO on the 7th and workshop with Ros Siu, Canadian and participating artist on the 8th @ iTohen.

Other Recommends
Mon Ex Libris Vol.4 @ Gallery Bi-Damas (~8th)
「自宅から美術館へ」田中恒子コレクション展 @ The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama (~8th) (Woo! Yeah! Go Wakayama!)
Kobe Biennale (~23rd)
Art Cube 3 @ SoHo Gallery (17th~22nd)
苅谷昌江個展 @ AAS (Antenna Art Space) (~8th)
drowning room @ Kobe Art Village (~23rd)

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