GOOD NEWS T-shirt • グッドニューズTシャツ

In collaboration with Sweatshop Union in Osaka, I've created a "GOOD NEWS" t-shirt design: all proceeds from it will be donated to the Red Cross in Japan to help victims of the Earthquake that hit us this month, March 2011.

大阪のSweatshop Unionさんと「GOOD NEWS」のTシャツデザインをしました。利益は全て赤十字に寄付します。

I'm tired of sensational international news about the subject, which tends to blow everything out of scale, so I took a "BAD NEWS" article from the internet and edited it to be "GOOD NEWS". You can see the finer details in the picture below, including the slogan which appears near the hem on the back of the t-shirt.

センセーショナルな(言うったら大げさの)ニューズを飽きた。それで、「BAD NEWS」の記事を書き直して「GOOD NEWS」に変えました。詳細は下記の画像で見えます。

You can purchase it here from sweatshop union, for a reasonable price of ¥1,400.

Japan has suffered a disaster, but we gotta stick together, and turn the bad news into good news. That's what I'm doing, and your help would be appreciated!

日本は大打撃を受けたけど、皆仲良くしようよ!あなたの助けも入れて全て「GOOD NEWS」に変えよう!

Meet the Package Design Enthusiast! • ミート ザ パッケージ デザイン エンスージアスト!

Our Talk event with package designer Akio Okumura was a large success last week. Thanks to all who came!


For all of those interested, we're having our last event this Sunday for the Japanese Package Design Exhibition: Meet the Package Design Enthusiast! This is a chance to meet Bianca Beuttel, the one and only Package Design Enthusiast. She's right into Japanese Packages and will be taking everyone through all the packages on display in fine detail.

興味を持っている方がいれば最後のイベントを行います。今回は、ビアンカ・ボイテルと「ミート ザ パッケージ デザイン エンスージアスト」のギャラリーツアーします。細かく説明しますのでご興味ある人、参加して下さい。

Sun. March 20th 2011, 2~4pm
2011年 3月20日(日)14:00〜16:00

It's a great chance to pick up on the foreigner's point of view, directly from the source. If you're a package designer, then this is a must!


Japanese Package Design Exhibition • ニッポンのパッケージデザイン展

Yay~! It's finally open, our package design exhibition. It's be great if you could come and see it!


OOOと京都在住のドイツ人デザイナーBianca Beuttelとで企画した

日 時:2011年3月1日(火)〜21日(月)
場 所:イーマ一階多目的ギャラリースペース d~ba
料 金:無料

We're having a talk with Akio Okumura, designer of the Glico logo and Gyuunyuu Sekken from 5:00pm on the 12th of March (¥1000). I'll be translating for those that can't understand!

Also, join Bianca Beuttel for our 'meet the Package Enthusiast' on the 20th of March for a nice 2hr session to talk in depth about Japanese Packages! Trust me, this girl knows her stuff.

You'd be a fool to miss it! See you there!

Chou Duncan・超ダンカン

At the moment, Baikado is hosting KUROME-GARO -- Take me to Kurome-Garo when I'm at "This is". It's a frigging awesome exhibition, and Kurome's signature wordplay often spills over into beauties such as the one above, which I came across totally by accident while leafing through a massive pile of Shodo that Kurome Garou's Band—Shinaikannkei—have done.

今、梅花堂で黒目画廊「わたしが This is になっても黒目画廊につれてって」展が開催中です。「frigging awesome」をそのまま訳したら「〈卑俗〉〔形容詞を強調して〕ひどく、すごく + 素晴らしい、すごい、最高の、見事な、いけてる」がでるんです。黒目画廊がfrigging awesome。上の写真に入っている書道が黒目のバンド「市内関係」がしゃれで作られていて、僕が偶然に書道の積み重ねの中に見つけた。


The interesting thing is that the one above has no relation to me. The band member Mariokun drew this. Speculation at the moment suggests that it might have come from 'Chou Kantan' (very easy), mixed into 'Chou Tankan', and then ammended into 'dankan' with the orange ink (usually only used by teachers). Awesome. Henguchi san said the awesome thing was that I found it.


Go and check it out!

22nd (sat) ~ March 6th (sun), 1~7pm, Tues Wed off, FREE
2011年1月22(土)日〜3月6(日)日 13:00〜19:00 火・水休堂 入場無料