Duncan's English Pictionary! • ダンカンと英語であそぶPictionary!

Awesome! Awsome! Awesome! I'm part of the 250 Doors 2010 International Workshop Festival.

内容:人気ボードゲーム「Pictionary」のカスタマイズバージョンを全 部英語でやります! チームメンバーの1 人がお題の言葉を絵に描いて、他のメンバーが答える。当たりのチームが、ボードで進んでゴールに向かって突進! コミュニケーションを中心とした楽しいゲーム。誰でも使える英語なので、誰でも参加できます。

時:2010年8月4日 13:00
ノー ト、辞書(簡単なもの)
ワークショップコーディネータ:【AIR大阪 recommend 】


Miroco Machiko, "Yamanoiede" • ミロコマチコ、「やまのいえで」

I got one of those once-a-year type awesome jobs earlier this year. You know? The jobs that are SATISFYING, FUN and generally AWESOME. This job was to translate the picturebook Yamanoiede • やまのいえで (The Mountain That Ran Away), by the awesome Miroco Machiko.


Itohen published the book under their own independent publishing label Kite Press, and asked me to do the translations. I met Miroco Machiko at the official release exhbition at Itohen back in April. She's wonderful, brimming with energy. Honestly, for ¥840 "The Mountain that Ran Away" is a steal.

Itohenさんが「Kite Press」のラベルで出版した本で僕にやくをおねがいした。Itohenで正式とした開催展示(4月)でミロコマチコさんを出会いことになりました。素敵な人であふれんばかりの力。正直に言うったら、¥840で「やまのいえで」はタダ同然だ。

Currently, Miroco and Naoya Fujimoto (Burnt Blue) are having a dual exhibition at Gallery Tambourin Gallery in Tokyo.
ミロコマチコさんと藤本直也(Burnt Blue)が東京の「Tambourin Gallery」で開催することとないました。


Café Yuddy, Okamoto (Kobe) • カフェ ユーディ、岡本(神戸)

Here's an interesting thing. Delivering FLAG to Itohen one afternoon, Sumiya San introduced me to his wife, who happened to be having a break there at the time. She said she was working in a cafe in Kobe that served up tea.


My wife loves tea, and Cafe Yuddy turned out to be a great place for a date on Sunday. Highly recommended if you're headed to Okamoto (JR Settsumotoyama or Hankyu Okamoto Stations). There's plenty of other things to see in the area as well!

僕の奥さんがお茶大好きでカフェ・ユーディは日曜日のデートでほんまに完璧でした。岡本(阪急岡本駅 / JR摂津本山駅)へ行くつもりあれば、おすすめでございます。その場所で他にたくさん見るものあります!

Cafe Yuddy
〒658-0072 神戸市東灘区岡本1-4-3 坂井ビル3F
岡本駅から徒歩2分 / 摂津本山駅から徒歩1分
TEL : 078-411-7228

Open : 11:30〜22:00 (日曜日(Sun) 11:30〜20:00)
Closed: 第2火曜定休 (Second Tuesday and Regular Holidays)

Parallel Perspectives • パラレル パースペクティブ

Last night I went to the opening party of Parallel Perspectives, a solo exhibition of Australian Artist Lyn Derrick at JARFO in Kyoto.


Lyn Derrick started her degree in Fine art at the Brisbane Institute of Art at the age of 52, and in this exhibition, we're lucky enough to see paintings, sculpture and installation, which is above and beyond what I expected. Her paintings are especially wonderful, bringing back memories of wonderful Australian beaches.


Running until the 31st of July!

My Coudai Nakamura Mushroom • 僕の中村晃大キノコ

A new addition to the garden!

In Winter, I went to gallery 6C to see Coudai Nakamura's exhibition. While there, he taught me how to paint his original faces, and so I became a Nakamura doppelganger • 本人の分身. It was good fun.