Chaos Okazu @ OOO • カオスオカズ @OOO

FLAG 1.5 year anniversary party "HOME PARTY: CHAOS OKAZU"

We're holding both an end of the year party and a 1.5 year (half-baked) anniversary for OOO published art guide FLAG, started in June 2009.


"According to the Kurome Garou crew (Shinaikannkei), we're gonna have a long session of talks, poetry readings, music and mainly a lot of chatting. The effect is a kind of called HOME PARTY: Chaos wo Okazu. OOO will be preparing a light meal but bringing your own ingredients or special products to share will be warmly welcome! It's a HOME with a HOPE playground sure to be a winner." Text: Master HENGUCHI, Kurome Garou


Date/Time: Dec 4th (Sat), 15:00 ~ around 21:00 (come and go as you please)
Place: OOO
Entrance: ¥1,500 (inc. OOO home-cooked food and 1 drink)
* All profits go to FLAG


We're very welcoming to people who haven't been to OOO before, so don't be shy!

Reservations unnecessary. Inquiries:

What's goin' down, October 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年10月

Autumn has finally arrived. No more sweltering heat! The weather just got bearable, so I'm feeling good and ready to blog about stuff again.

Also, on a side note, a new magazine called "大阪美術 Osaka Art" has just come out. It's a great bilingual guide for galleries and information in the Osaka and Kobe areas. 74 pages, available at all bookstores, ¥700.

Must Sees
From my mail I've picked up these few goodies:

(Oct.1 ~ 17) Nariyuki Circus, a very nice selection of Illustrators is having their 2nd Exhibition at the newly renovated Kamata Shouten (bookstore) in Nishi yodogawa ku. It's a place you'd not normally go to, but it looks awesome. Tatara San from Cahier (sits next to me at OOO) did their new website.

(Oct.13 ~24) Y Art Gallery in Kita-ku will hold MORI's solo exhibition this month, which looks like copperplate printing and fine color. Her work is very detailed and amazing, but I have no idea what scale you should expect to see.

(Oct. ~ Nov.) Hoi! is a Dutch Life / Design exhibtion thats going to be held all over the place; graf, Pantaloon, Toi and space_inframince. The two designers appearing at Pantaloon are of particiular interest; Vincent de Rijik and Werkplaats Typografie will be showing from Oct.9 ~ 31.

Other Recommends
Dane Ash's Solo Exhibition @ ItalGabon アイタルガボン (Oct.19~26)
am.11:30 open 〜 pm.10:00 close
phone: 075-255-9053

Keep an eye on these information sites:
MIGOHSHA has bounced back recently with a new site design! A lot more information bounces out at you now, and a lot of it is quite cool. Keep an eye on it!

Saboji Presents: Duncan's Australian Cooking Class • SABOJI Presents: ダンカンのオーストラリア料理教室

Well, the other day I had an Australian Cooking Class with my students at SABOJI. I thought I'd stick up a picture of the meal and the recipes with it, for anyone interested. Enjoy!


Design Museum "de sign de >", North Osaka • デザインミュージアム「de sign de >」、北大阪

Tetsuya asked me if I'd be interested in coming along to see a new design museum that's popped up in North Osaka, what exactly it is is still a little gray in my mind. Design museum? But let's think positively, whatever it is, or will be, is a great thing for Osaka, and I'll be able to see exhibitions more in my field without going too far!


It's called "de sign de >" - which means something like 'to do greater things with design'. Riverside! Glass windows! I'll give them this; they've got a great location, and the space is available for to designers who are interested in having workshops, events or exhibitions.

「de sign de >」と言うとこです。デザインでもともいいこと( > ←これ)をすると言うテーマにした。川辺!ガラス窓!ええ場所手に入れた。このスペースはワークショップ・イベント・展示をやりたいデザイナーが利用出来ます。

Keep an eye on de sign de >!

Fly a Boeing 747 • ボーイング747を操縦する

Back in April, when Tetsuya and I were delivering FLAG, we dropped past Studio J in Nishinagahori, and works like these by Dana Wyse from her "Helping you create your own reality since 1789" (Jesus had a sister productions) were on display.

4月、僕と後藤さんがFLAGを配布していた時西長堀駅からちょっとしたStudio Jさんを通って、「Dana Wyse」と言う方の作品たくさん置いてました。

I got this one, just in case need to fly a Boeing 747 instantly. It's always by my side at work.

Duncan's English Pictionary! • ダンカンと英語であそぶPictionary!

Awesome! Awsome! Awesome! I'm part of the 250 Doors 2010 International Workshop Festival.

内容:人気ボードゲーム「Pictionary」のカスタマイズバージョンを全 部英語でやります! チームメンバーの1 人がお題の言葉を絵に描いて、他のメンバーが答える。当たりのチームが、ボードで進んでゴールに向かって突進! コミュニケーションを中心とした楽しいゲーム。誰でも使える英語なので、誰でも参加できます。

時:2010年8月4日 13:00
ノー ト、辞書(簡単なもの)
ワークショップコーディネータ:【AIR大阪 recommend 】


Miroco Machiko, "Yamanoiede" • ミロコマチコ、「やまのいえで」

I got one of those once-a-year type awesome jobs earlier this year. You know? The jobs that are SATISFYING, FUN and generally AWESOME. This job was to translate the picturebook Yamanoiede • やまのいえで (The Mountain That Ran Away), by the awesome Miroco Machiko.


Itohen published the book under their own independent publishing label Kite Press, and asked me to do the translations. I met Miroco Machiko at the official release exhbition at Itohen back in April. She's wonderful, brimming with energy. Honestly, for ¥840 "The Mountain that Ran Away" is a steal.

Itohenさんが「Kite Press」のラベルで出版した本で僕にやくをおねがいした。Itohenで正式とした開催展示(4月)でミロコマチコさんを出会いことになりました。素敵な人であふれんばかりの力。正直に言うったら、¥840で「やまのいえで」はタダ同然だ。

Currently, Miroco and Naoya Fujimoto (Burnt Blue) are having a dual exhibition at Gallery Tambourin Gallery in Tokyo.
ミロコマチコさんと藤本直也(Burnt Blue)が東京の「Tambourin Gallery」で開催することとないました。


Café Yuddy, Okamoto (Kobe) • カフェ ユーディ、岡本(神戸)

Here's an interesting thing. Delivering FLAG to Itohen one afternoon, Sumiya San introduced me to his wife, who happened to be having a break there at the time. She said she was working in a cafe in Kobe that served up tea.


My wife loves tea, and Cafe Yuddy turned out to be a great place for a date on Sunday. Highly recommended if you're headed to Okamoto (JR Settsumotoyama or Hankyu Okamoto Stations). There's plenty of other things to see in the area as well!

僕の奥さんがお茶大好きでカフェ・ユーディは日曜日のデートでほんまに完璧でした。岡本(阪急岡本駅 / JR摂津本山駅)へ行くつもりあれば、おすすめでございます。その場所で他にたくさん見るものあります!

Cafe Yuddy
〒658-0072 神戸市東灘区岡本1-4-3 坂井ビル3F
岡本駅から徒歩2分 / 摂津本山駅から徒歩1分
TEL : 078-411-7228

Open : 11:30〜22:00 (日曜日(Sun) 11:30〜20:00)
Closed: 第2火曜定休 (Second Tuesday and Regular Holidays)

Parallel Perspectives • パラレル パースペクティブ

Last night I went to the opening party of Parallel Perspectives, a solo exhibition of Australian Artist Lyn Derrick at JARFO in Kyoto.


Lyn Derrick started her degree in Fine art at the Brisbane Institute of Art at the age of 52, and in this exhibition, we're lucky enough to see paintings, sculpture and installation, which is above and beyond what I expected. Her paintings are especially wonderful, bringing back memories of wonderful Australian beaches.


Running until the 31st of July!

My Coudai Nakamura Mushroom • 僕の中村晃大キノコ

A new addition to the garden!

In Winter, I went to gallery 6C to see Coudai Nakamura's exhibition. While there, he taught me how to paint his original faces, and so I became a Nakamura doppelganger • 本人の分身. It was good fun.



What's goin' down, July 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年7月

Well, I've been a tad bit lazy, skipping the action packed month of June. Not to worry, I'm back and meaner than ever with stuff for July.

Must Sees
It's Art Osaka 2010 this month! The greatest art fair in Kansai will be held at the Dojima Hotel on the 10th and 11th (12:00~19:00). There are 47 rooms to see, with 23 solo exhibitions. 4 floors of the hotel booked solid. It's our FLAGged Event this issue for FLAG 005. ¥1,000 for a 1 day pass.

Other Recommends
Hirotsune TASHIMA's solo exhibition @ Yoshiako Inoue Gallery (July 7~31)
Shigeo FUKUDA's Visual Jumping @ ddd gallery (July 13~Sep 4)

Keep an eye on these information sites:
Thought I'd do a bit of a spotlight on Konohana-ku this time. I guess because rents cheap, all these creative places are popping up down there.
Konohana Media—
Buzzing with events and proactive community based art.
A nice artist in resident program.
Kurome Garou—
The coolest underground gallery and event, live space in Konohanaku.

What's goin' down, May 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年5月

Have a great Golden Week everyone! Rock those exhibitions galleries people! Woot!

Must Sees
Got some hot stuff this month.

You're a fool if you don't make the ART FAIR KYOTO @ The Hotel Montery!
33 galleries including YOD Gallery, Gallery Out of Place, Neutron, Muzz Program Space and stacks of others. If you present you entrance ticket, you'll get a ¥2,000 discount on any art you are interested in buying.

There are 2 FLAGGED exhibitions you MUST see. The first is Junko ISHIRO, "Darkness and White Shadow" @ Gallery Hosokawa. The 'white shadow' refers to the parts of the canvas she has left unpainted on purpose. Paintings that call back memories. The other exhibition is "Pearls" by Tomoko INAGAKI @ The Third Gallery Aya. INAGAKI has been in Germany for the past year, and this is the result. Her previous exhibitions, especially her installations, have been STUNNING. Hard to sell I imagine, but STUNNING. See them both!

Other Recommends
22 Pieces of Surfactant @ CASO
Creative Moments @ SoHo Gallery (May 25th~June 13th) FLAGGED
Junko ISHIRO "Darkness and White Shadow" @ Gallery Hosokawa (May.17~Jun.12) FLAGGED
Tomoko INAGAKI "Pearls" @ The Third Gallery Aya (May.7~22) FLAGGED
Keisuke JINBA @ 2kw Gallery (May.3~15)
BeBe Re:S, Shunsuke ITO & Naoki HAYASE - LIVE 16th May (16:00 Open) ¥2,000
@ いとう写真
Art Fair ULTRA KYOTO @ The Sugimoto House, tangible cultural properties of Kyoto-city (May.15+16, 11:00~19:00), ¥3,000

Keep an eye on these information sites:
Follow us at FLAG on twitter:
Goto San powers this thing. He's awesome, absolutely pumping out information from Osaka.

Tsunagari D Delicious Bookmarks
My Personal Mix bag of everything I come across. You have been warned.

Shovel vol.5 • シャベル vol.5

It's that Creative gathering "Shovel" vol.5 time again!
クリエイティブギャザリング「シャベル vol.5」4月24日(土)に開催します!

"Shovel" is a creative gathering allowing creative types to bring together their recommended objects or places, collected ideas and creative topics.

As the name suggests, "Shaberu (chat)" and "Shovel" allows people to dig deeper into creative things, objects and people in a lighthearted chatty atmosphere.



Feel free to join us!

Time: Apr. 24th (Sat) 19:00 - 21:00
Place: OOO
Participation Fee: 500 Yen (inc. 1 drink)
Things to bring:
Materials related to something you'd like to either show, discuss or recommend (if you require sound and video, please bring your data with you)

Application or inquiries: oootoiawase[at] (OOO)