Saboji Presents: Duncan's Australian Cooking Class • SABOJI Presents: ダンカンのオーストラリア料理教室

Well, the other day I had an Australian Cooking Class with my students at SABOJI. I thought I'd stick up a picture of the meal and the recipes with it, for anyone interested. Enjoy!


Design Museum "de sign de >", North Osaka • デザインミュージアム「de sign de >」、北大阪

Tetsuya asked me if I'd be interested in coming along to see a new design museum that's popped up in North Osaka, what exactly it is is still a little gray in my mind. Design museum? But let's think positively, whatever it is, or will be, is a great thing for Osaka, and I'll be able to see exhibitions more in my field without going too far!


It's called "de sign de >" - which means something like 'to do greater things with design'. Riverside! Glass windows! I'll give them this; they've got a great location, and the space is available for to designers who are interested in having workshops, events or exhibitions.

「de sign de >」と言うとこです。デザインでもともいいこと( > ←これ)をすると言うテーマにした。川辺!ガラス窓!ええ場所手に入れた。このスペースはワークショップ・イベント・展示をやりたいデザイナーが利用出来ます。

Keep an eye on de sign de >!

Fly a Boeing 747 • ボーイング747を操縦する

Back in April, when Tetsuya and I were delivering FLAG, we dropped past Studio J in Nishinagahori, and works like these by Dana Wyse from her "Helping you create your own reality since 1789" (Jesus had a sister productions) were on display.

4月、僕と後藤さんがFLAGを配布していた時西長堀駅からちょっとしたStudio Jさんを通って、「Dana Wyse」と言う方の作品たくさん置いてました。

I got this one, just in case need to fly a Boeing 747 instantly. It's always by my side at work.