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What's goin' down, Dec 2009 • 何が起こってんの、2009年12月

Must Sees
Osaka Art Complex vol.2 @ Fukuda Gallery, Tezukayama Gallery and Tengensya Gallery (4th~19)
3 awesome galleries unite to bring you what's awesome and hot in Osaka at the moment.
Fukuda Gallery sports Mukai Shouichi San, with his awesome exhibition "Heroes", a selection of kick-ass robotic diaper wearing ass-kicking baby paraphernalia sporting Babytector Series.
Tezukayama will be holding Hiroyuki Toi's "Seuzau", oil on canvas. Cute girls with balloon looking afros and toes turned inwards. Great stuff.
And Tengensya has two great names in the Kansai Scene; Momo and 東雅子, both producing character featured artworks that blend what's cute and what's creepy. And also seems to be only done here in Japan.

Natsuki Machida @ YOD (~5th Dec. TIME IS LIMITED!)
I interviewed Machida San for FLAG 003 and her upcoming exhibition MURMUR. Read the interview to see more about this, but for those who can't be stuffed or can't get their hands on a precious copy of FLAG here it is in a nutshell:

Sleeper Hallucination Camping #006 @ FLOAT (Dec.12)
An outdoor music event with headphones + video. All the music is broadcast live via radio waves, so if you're heading on over, take an FM Radio and a pair of headphones. You can get drinks there or bring your own, and considering it's all night, they recommend you bring a sleeping bag as well. Can't be stuffed? You can rent sleeping bags and radios there too!
Aparently Antonio Bandereas is making the food. The salads in space will be playing as well.

Other Recommends
Makiko Shigeta Exhibition (Kimono Works) @ Space B (Osaka Seikei Uni) (Dec.10~22)
Synchro - Theism @ CASO (~Dec.6) Spiro Design is bringing another world into being, weird and cool stuff.
Kai Kaikawa Solo Exhibition @ Osoblanco (~Dec.22)
Masataka Kurose "For Mutt" @ &'s Gallery (~Dec.6)
100 Objects @ Kaede Gallery (Dec.8~20)
Sandrine Pelletier @ Super Window Project (Dec.25~2010 Feb)
Album Expo Osaka @ Hep Hall (~Dec.6)
TON @ Cafe Hitoshian in Kobe—Nishinomiya (~Dec. 27th)
migratory @ Artcourt Gallery (~Dec.12th)
Rainbow Works and Cozco Muwka Glass Art Exhibition @ Lotus Roots Cafe (~Dec12)

Nakanoshima Banks Art Night (Dec.12~25)
Bunch of cool stuff happening on the banks of Nakanoshima.

Keep an eye on these information sites:
FLAG for the online masses. Coming very very soon. We promise. Bookmark.
Migosha, Osaka Art File. Only in Japanese, but they have great ties with the world of Art and other creative stuff in there too.