Shovel at OOO • シャベル@OOO

A designer or an illustrator, any kind of creator without a network is like a dial up modem. Remember those? It took AGES to download anything. Yes, I was one of these dial up modems, but since Shovel has started I feel like I've switched to optic fiber.

I met Inomata san from Air Osaka, a very nice little artist in residence type hotel in the south of Osaka (cheap too, check it out), a lovely young lady called Emi Makita who's now helping us out with FLAG, also Iwabuchi San from 208 came along to talk about his project for Suito Osaka at the time.

If you're a creator looking for a network, Shovel is for you. It's only ¥500, with the first drink included.

"シャベル • Shovel vol.2"
場所 • Venue: OOO
日時 • Date and Time: 10月31日(土)19:30 - 21:30
参加費 • Participation Fee:500円(1ドリンク付き • with one drink)
お申し込み/お問い合わせは まで
For more information, please contact us at

"Creative People" doesn't mean "people in the creative industry".

Anyone who's interested in creative things is free to participate.

If you're a creator whether in profession, or on the side, come and join in!

An English Workshop for Creators • クリエイターのための英語ワークショップ

On the 13th of October, I'll be holding a workshop for creators at Common Cafe, as part of Ogimachi Creative College!
10月13日コモンカフェーのOgimachi Creative Collegeでクリエイターのための英語のワークショップを行います!

作品の力で言語の壁を越えられるクリエイターにとって、英語は活動の枠を拡げるための有効なツールです。海外のエージェンシーに売り込んだり、海外の業者を使って作品を作ったり、さまざまな場面で英語が役に立ちます。 本講座では、いくつかのシチュエーションの中で実際に英語を使うことで、クリエイターのための「使える英語」をワークショップ形式で学びます。

場所: Common Café
参加費:1,500円 (税込み)
講師: Duncan Brotherton(ダンカン・ブラザトン)
    高槻市在住のオーストラリア人。西天満のオルタナティブワークスペースOOOで主に英会話レッスンとデザインの仕事を行っている関西のクリエイティブなスポットを外国人の視点で紹介するブログ"Tsunagari D"を運営も行っている
講座開講日: 10月13日(火) 19:30-21:00

Anyone (non-native speakers, of course) is invited to participate. If you're interested, you can click [here] to make a booking!


What's goin' down, Oct 2009 • 何が起こってんの、2009年10月

Must Sees
Suito Osaka (~22nd)
Namura Art Meeting '04-'34, vol.3 (3rd ~ 4th overnight)
Karahori Machi Art (24th & 25th)

Other Recommends
54のreset @ Gallery Den (~17th)
Jimmy KETS, Brightside @ Flanders Gallery (~24th)
Yayoi KUSAMA, Multiplying Room @ Six (COMME des GARCONS) (~Nov 8th)
Experimental Film Festival in Osaka @ Various venues (1st~2nd screening @ Bunkaza Cultural Plaza, Suito Osaka)
Bernard JOISTEN @ Super Window Project & Gallery (~Nov 22nd)
TACO @ iTohen (~11th)

Keep an eye on these information sites:
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