Jam Retro Printing • レトロ印刷ジャム

It's retro. It's sexy. Sure, it smudges a bit, and registration is never good; but it's retro & sexy. It's JAM printing.

JAM never fails to surprise me with their prices. They're too good, to be precise. You'll get some funky stuff from them cheaper that you can produce it yourself. To keep the prices down, they have a selection of cheap stock and limited (though not suffocating) range of colors to choose from.

You will need some technical skills to deal with Jam though: they don't just take word files. The color separations yourself, and then put in the easy to understand templates provided online (Adobe Illustrator format).

The results can be very cool though. The never-perfect registration is all of a sudden an excellent reason to purposely offset your designs. With multiple color choices you can overlay colors to create unique combinations - reds and blues make purples! They've just recently got in a white ink as well. I bags it first.

The colours tend to smudge a bit, and Jam dosen't reccomend going crazy with 4 colour double sided designs. But within moderation, and a bit of a plan in the back of your head, you can do some good stuff. You can always check out their site (here) for the low down.

Jam Printers: pumping out most of the creative fliers you see around the place in Kansai.

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