Shovel at OOO • シャベル@OOO

A designer or an illustrator, any kind of creator without a network is like a dial up modem. Remember those? It took AGES to download anything. Yes, I was one of these dial up modems, but since Shovel has started I feel like I've switched to optic fiber.

I met Inomata san from Air Osaka, a very nice little artist in residence type hotel in the south of Osaka (cheap too, check it out), a lovely young lady called Emi Makita who's now helping us out with FLAG, also Iwabuchi San from 208 came along to talk about his project for Suito Osaka at the time.

If you're a creator looking for a network, Shovel is for you. It's only ¥500, with the first drink included.

"シャベル • Shovel vol.2"
場所 • Venue: OOO
日時 • Date and Time: 10月31日(土)19:30 - 21:30
参加費 • Participation Fee:500円(1ドリンク付き • with one drink)
お申し込み/お問い合わせは まで
For more information, please contact us at

"Creative People" doesn't mean "people in the creative industry".

Anyone who's interested in creative things is free to participate.

If you're a creator whether in profession, or on the side, come and join in!

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janellemac said...

DEAR Mr. Tsunagari D,

HOW I would love to come to your next SHABERU meeting, but the premiere "Kansai Ladies Meet Up" is on the same day!

NEXT time for sure!

HAPPY talking, meeting and greeting.