Tsunagari D Delicious Bookmarks • 繋がりDのディリシャスブックマーク

Welcome to Tsunagari D Bookmarks on Delicious. Below is a (not so very) fancy bit of coding which brings in the latest 50 bookmarks from me Delicious account. For those who don't know anything about Delicious, check it out here.


Delicious is basically online bookmarks. It's where I track most of the sites I find about Kansai. I can store the bookmark, give it a label and write comments all online, accessible from any computer. I've collected quite a little growing resource, and I have no intention of hoarding it all to myself. I'm really collecting to share.


How is this page in particular of use to you? Well, You should come back to it and check it out every now and then. The last 50 bookmarks come up, so It'll always automatically update. There will be a mix of stuff; places, faces and things I've found online and just bookmarked because I'll probably never blog about them.


If you'd like to browse all my Tsunagari D bookmarks on delicious, you can click here.

Hope you find something you like.

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