Festart 2010 FLAG Art Walk • フェスタアート2010年FLAGアートワーク

Not many people know that Osaka is loaded with Galleries. The Nishi-Tenma and Kita Senba areas are overflowing with all kinds, and our FLAG Art Walk this Saturday is a great chance to take a step into places you've never been before a see some great art.

I'll bet you every second place will bust out tea for us as well. And no, they won't hound you to buy pictures, so you SHOULD COME. It'll be great! Hanging out with us is cool too.



When: April 17th, 1:00pm~6:00pm (4月17日、13:00~18:00)
Where: Start from Yodoyabashi Station (M17) EXIT 13 (地下鉄淀屋橋駅 13番出口)
How Much: Only ¥500!

Bring walking shoes and your copy of FLAG!

詳 しくは oootoiawase@gmail.com まで連 絡して下さい。
Mail the above address if you're interested!

If you'd like to come at the last minute, or can't find us, call Duncan on 090-6600-2898!
土 壇場で来そうでしたら、もしかして僕たち探せない場合、ダンカンに電話として下さい!

Planned walking tour (details may change):

Meet: Subway Yodoyabashi Station (Midosuji Line, M17), EXIT 13

1. Gallery Nii
2. Sai Gallery
3. Kouichi Fine Arts
4. Port Gallery T
5. Tsuchiya Contemporary Art Gallery
6. Yamaki Art Gallery
7. Gallery Fukuzumi
8. MEM
9. Gallery Kaze
10. Gallery Takigawa
11. Art Salon Yamazaki
12. Gallery Fukuda

We will be having a break sometime in the middle.

See you there!!!

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