What's goin' down, May 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年5月

Have a great Golden Week everyone! Rock those exhibitions galleries people! Woot!

Must Sees
Got some hot stuff this month.

You're a fool if you don't make the ART FAIR KYOTO @ The Hotel Montery!
33 galleries including YOD Gallery, Gallery Out of Place, Neutron, Muzz Program Space and stacks of others. If you present you entrance ticket, you'll get a ¥2,000 discount on any art you are interested in buying.

There are 2 FLAGGED exhibitions you MUST see. The first is Junko ISHIRO, "Darkness and White Shadow" @ Gallery Hosokawa. The 'white shadow' refers to the parts of the canvas she has left unpainted on purpose. Paintings that call back memories. The other exhibition is "Pearls" by Tomoko INAGAKI @ The Third Gallery Aya. INAGAKI has been in Germany for the past year, and this is the result. Her previous exhibitions, especially her installations, have been STUNNING. Hard to sell I imagine, but STUNNING. See them both!

Other Recommends
22 Pieces of Surfactant @ CASO
Creative Moments @ SoHo Gallery (May 25th~June 13th) FLAGGED
Junko ISHIRO "Darkness and White Shadow" @ Gallery Hosokawa (May.17~Jun.12) FLAGGED
Tomoko INAGAKI "Pearls" @ The Third Gallery Aya (May.7~22) FLAGGED
Keisuke JINBA @ 2kw Gallery (May.3~15)
BeBe Re:S, Shunsuke ITO & Naoki HAYASE - LIVE 16th May (16:00 Open) ¥2,000
@ いとう写真 http://re-s.jp/beberes
Art Fair ULTRA KYOTO @ The Sugimoto House, tangible cultural properties of Kyoto-city (May.15+16, 11:00~19:00), ¥3,000

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