Nijyuuyon Seki, Kanmaki • 二十四節記、上牧

A Short walk from Kanmaki Station • 上牧駅 on the Hankyu Kyoto Line is a place Called Nijyuuyon Sekki. My wife catches the Hankyu daily, and everyday as the train passed Kanmaki she would see these 3 interesting buildings and wonder what they were. We live in Takatsuki, the station before Kanmaki, and so decided to bike there one weekend.

Nijyuuyon Sekki is actually a group of buildings created by the Relife Corporation, a construction company with their office on the premises. The designs of the buildings themselves are taken from old European country houses, and all have a very warm, inviting feel to them. Stonework and wooden furnishings, simple glass windows, iron wrought fences, the outdoor oven; it's all classic stuff.

Sharing the premises are a few other businesses, which apparently sympathize with Relife's company principles. There's a bakery called Panetteria La Sulegna (including the outdoor oven, cooking bread right in front of you!), a flower shop, a variety Store called Raro and a cafe restaurant called C.O.N.T.E, which has open fireplaces. And kick-ass sandwiches.

It's not creative in the normal way I would use the word (imagination, original ideas, etc.), but it's a great place to soak up a bit of a different feel, which is what creative types need now and then. Consider it a break from the normal creative stuff. The buildings are what you should really head there to see, as they're a new look at an old life. Take your partner to C.O.N.T.E. while you're there too!

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