Piperoids! • パイプロイド!

When I found these guys, they were in a basket with the label 'Made in Kyoto'. As I happened to be visiting Kyoto for the day I though it would be an awesome souvenir to take home. Made right here in Kansai!

I chose Rob, a robot with scissors for hands, and he came together with Skip, a cute looking sidekick. Kinda looks like a duck. If you check out the website (link below), there are more characters to choose from, a classic range of robots and a couple of limited edition dogs as well. Great stuff.

Piperoids are the creation of a company called Koto, who develop entertainment devices along with the technology that goes with them (for example, they jointly developed WonderSwan with Bandai).

Check out the Piperoids Website to find out where to get one!

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