FLAG 001! (Foreigner's Live Art Guide • 外国人のためのライブアートガイド)

We've been breaking our backs at OOO to get FLAG ready for July/Aug, and finally: It's out!
And yes so is my late-ass blog entry.


FLAG stands for Foreigner's Live Art Guide. As you probably know, there's very little information about art and galleries in Osaka, and what information exists is only found in bits and pieces and all over the place.

『FLAG』っては『Foreigner's Live Art Guide』。たぶんもうご存じのことと思いますが大阪の英語で書いているアート情報はほんとにすくないで、存在しているのはばらばらしている。

We've brought it all together in a bi-monthly free paper including featured FLAGGED exhibitions; an interview with a FLAGGED artist each issue; A baton relay introducing 3 interesting things in Osaka each week and a very easy to follow map, and an exhibition schedule!


You can pick up FLAG from a variety of spots around Osaka (the usual foreigner haunts). Keep your eyes out for it, and if you manage to land yourself a copy, send us feedback! All people who send in feedback go into the draw to win a free ticket to Art Osaka 2009!

FLAGは大阪の様々の地点でとれます(外国の方行きつけの場所)。よく見といてください、コーピを貰ったらフィードバック送って下さい!フィードバックする方はArt Osaka 2009のチケットを貰う抽選入ります!

Busting Ass! Making Osaka sexier!

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