Nest Craft Beer • ネスト地ビール

All the way from Ibaraki Ken and the Kiuchi Brewery, I found Hitachino Nest beer in Jupiter at Act Amore, in front of JR Takatsuki Station (of all places). 4 types are available, of which I decided I had to try all of them.


Above you can see their pale ale, a lovely traditional English brew with a nice hoppy smell. Good starter.


Ah, amber ale. Look at that color! Website says this one is only available in Japan, so it's something to grab if you see it around. To myself and my humble taste buds, the Amber ale was definitely salty. If you're an Australian, you'll understand when I liken the flavor to Vegemite.


Unfortunately, I have yet to take to Weizen. It's not the wheat, or the cloves or even the vanilla flavors found in this type of beer, it's the banana that kills me. The fermented flavor of the wheat and bananas really combine with all strength to give one a feeling that you might actually be drinking something that's gone off. I apologize, I shall endeavor to like it.


But No.1 beer of the evening goes to the white ale, which is hands down WONDERFUL. Something you can even drink with dessert, the coriander and nutmeg flavors really show just how White Ale has picked up several gold medals in competitions. Definitely the best.


If you're living in Japan, Kiuchi Brewery delivers to your doorstep!

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