Kinshi-Masamune Craft Beer, Kyoto

Inside JR Kyoto Station is Isetan, and down on the B1 Floor is a Liquor section that puts all other department stores in Kansai to shame.


At first I thought it was some kind of joke. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Row after row of Ji-beer, crazy names and labels, but BEST of all, dozens of representatives from Kansai!


So I walked out of Isetan the proud owner of two bottles of local brew; Kinshi-Masamune Craft Beer. 2 bottles only, 'Gosho Beer', and the 'Kaoru Beer', which particularly caught my attention with the words 'JR Kyoto Isetan X Kinshi-Masamune' printed down the bottom of the label.

2本の自慢で伊勢丹をでました。キンシ正宗地ビール。2つだけ、「御所麦酒」とラベルに書いた「JR Kyoto Isetan X Kinshi-Masamune」の言葉をオレの目に触れた「カオル」。

As is quite normal here, Kinshi-Masamune is actually a Sake Brewer who brew their own craft beer. I enjoyed my Gosho! A surprisingly smooth beer with a wonderful colour. It was also very lightly carbonated, as you can see from the absence of a head in the picture below.


Now, I can't verify this any more that what I read directly off the label; but with the Kaoru beer, apparently the female staff of both Isetan and Kinshi-Masamune got together to brew this one, especially for women. Which probably explains it's light flavour and fizziness. At 4% it was a nice refreshing one.


Support local! Drink Kinshi-Masamune Craft Beer, Kyoto!

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