Denki Soba, North Osaka • 電気蕎麦、北大阪

When Dr Arounax fled the Nautilus with Ned and Conseil, Captain Nemo and his crew were trapped in a great maelstrom off the coast of Ireland. The whereabouts of captain nemo, his crew and the natilus remain unknown to all...


Except me. I bumped into him last year; he's running a soba shop in Tenma in what I can only describe as the remains of that great submarine, the Nautilus.


For those who haven't ready 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea, here's a brief description of "Denki Soba", as it has so be called. As you eat slurp down your soba and sip Premium Malts, you're sitting inside a machine. There are metal plates are bolted to the walls, caged lights that are dim, and there's a constant throbbing droning sound of a huge electric engine in the background. I believe the sound was suppied by Implant 4, just around the corner from our office.

「海底二万マイル」のを読んでないひとのため、「電気蕎麦」の店の説明を致します。蕎麦をズルズルしてプレミアムマルツを飲みながら、機会の中にいる。壁に金属板がボルトされていて、かごに入れられた電気が薄暗くて、背景でずーとブルブルとうなる電気エンジンの音を聞こえる。その音はImplant 4が作られたと聞いた(オレらの事務所の近所にある)。

When I first heard about Denki Soba, I thought that I would get electric shocks when eating. I was rather relieved to find out that this was not that case, and delighted to actually see what it was like inside. Denki Soba is hot at the moment guys, it's the latest rumor in town, so get down there before everyone else does so you can be all cool and hip.


Call ahead as it's occasionally closed during the week, or shuts early if business is slow, so ring before you go! Have fun!


住所/Address :大阪市北区天満3−5−1(Osaka-shi Kita-ku, Tenma 3-5-1)
グーグルマップで表示(click for a google map)
TEL :06-6809-5260
定休日/Closed on: 不定休/Not fixed (週に一度ほどお休みがありますのでご確認下さい/Closed about once a week, please check) 定休日は今後試行錯誤した段階で決定されるそうです/Days off will be determined on a trial and error basis from now
営業時間/Opening hours:夕方〜深夜3時まで/Evenings untill 3am(お客さんがいらっしゃらない時は早く閉店する場合があります/May close early if there are no customers)


Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan, It's Rita if you remember!

As promised: "Your blog's awesome"!! lol..
no really, your blog is wicked. And since that night you told me about this Denki Soba, I was in fact quite interested in this new "hot spot" yeah, thanks for sharing, great photos btw, and will be checking out Denki soba on Wednesday! Will let you know how it goes afterwards!

Duncan · ダンカン said...

Thanks for the comment Rita! Man, it's awesome that you're going. You're gonna love the place. It's a total trip out. Enjoy!

alias pail said...

denki soba was sooo delicious. and a unique experience and atmosphere. i hope to one day return...

Duncan · ダンカン said...

Hey ya alias pail,

Yeah awesome place, eh!