Café Yuddy, Okamoto (Kobe) • カフェ ユーディ、岡本(神戸)

Here's an interesting thing. Delivering FLAG to Itohen one afternoon, Sumiya San introduced me to his wife, who happened to be having a break there at the time. She said she was working in a cafe in Kobe that served up tea.


My wife loves tea, and Cafe Yuddy turned out to be a great place for a date on Sunday. Highly recommended if you're headed to Okamoto (JR Settsumotoyama or Hankyu Okamoto Stations). There's plenty of other things to see in the area as well!

僕の奥さんがお茶大好きでカフェ・ユーディは日曜日のデートでほんまに完璧でした。岡本(阪急岡本駅 / JR摂津本山駅)へ行くつもりあれば、おすすめでございます。その場所で他にたくさん見るものあります!

Cafe Yuddy
〒658-0072 神戸市東灘区岡本1-4-3 坂井ビル3F
岡本駅から徒歩2分 / 摂津本山駅から徒歩1分
TEL : 078-411-7228

Open : 11:30〜22:00 (日曜日(Sun) 11:30〜20:00)
Closed: 第2火曜定休 (Second Tuesday and Regular Holidays)

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