Miroco Machiko, "Yamanoiede" • ミロコマチコ、「やまのいえで」

I got one of those once-a-year type awesome jobs earlier this year. You know? The jobs that are SATISFYING, FUN and generally AWESOME. This job was to translate the picturebook Yamanoiede • やまのいえで (The Mountain That Ran Away), by the awesome Miroco Machiko.


Itohen published the book under their own independent publishing label Kite Press, and asked me to do the translations. I met Miroco Machiko at the official release exhbition at Itohen back in April. She's wonderful, brimming with energy. Honestly, for ¥840 "The Mountain that Ran Away" is a steal.

Itohenさんが「Kite Press」のラベルで出版した本で僕にやくをおねがいした。Itohenで正式とした開催展示(4月)でミロコマチコさんを出会いことになりました。素敵な人であふれんばかりの力。正直に言うったら、¥840で「やまのいえで」はタダ同然だ。

Currently, Miroco and Naoya Fujimoto (Burnt Blue) are having a dual exhibition at Gallery Tambourin Gallery in Tokyo.
ミロコマチコさんと藤本直也(Burnt Blue)が東京の「Tambourin Gallery」で開催することとないました。


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