What's goin' down, October 2010 • 何が起こってんの、2010年10月

Autumn has finally arrived. No more sweltering heat! The weather just got bearable, so I'm feeling good and ready to blog about stuff again.

Also, on a side note, a new magazine called "大阪美術 Osaka Art" has just come out. It's a great bilingual guide for galleries and information in the Osaka and Kobe areas. 74 pages, available at all bookstores, ¥700.

Must Sees
From my mail I've picked up these few goodies:

(Oct.1 ~ 17) Nariyuki Circus, a very nice selection of Illustrators is having their 2nd Exhibition at the newly renovated Kamata Shouten (bookstore) in Nishi yodogawa ku. It's a place you'd not normally go to, but it looks awesome. Tatara San from Cahier (sits next to me at OOO) did their new website.

(Oct.13 ~24) Y Art Gallery in Kita-ku will hold MORI's solo exhibition this month, which looks like copperplate printing and fine color. Her work is very detailed and amazing, but I have no idea what scale you should expect to see.

(Oct. ~ Nov.) Hoi! is a Dutch Life / Design exhibtion thats going to be held all over the place; graf, Pantaloon, Toi and space_inframince. The two designers appearing at Pantaloon are of particiular interest; Vincent de Rijik and Werkplaats Typografie will be showing from Oct.9 ~ 31.

Other Recommends
Dane Ash's Solo Exhibition @ ItalGabon アイタルガボン (Oct.19~26)
am.11:30 open 〜 pm.10:00 close
phone: 075-255-9053

Keep an eye on these information sites:
MIGOHSHA has bounced back recently with a new site design! A lot more information bounces out at you now, and a lot of it is quite cool. Keep an eye on it!

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