Chaos Okazu @ OOO • カオスオカズ @OOO

FLAG 1.5 year anniversary party "HOME PARTY: CHAOS OKAZU"

We're holding both an end of the year party and a 1.5 year (half-baked) anniversary for OOO published art guide FLAG, started in June 2009.


"According to the Kurome Garou crew (Shinaikannkei), we're gonna have a long session of talks, poetry readings, music and mainly a lot of chatting. The effect is a kind of called HOME PARTY: Chaos wo Okazu. OOO will be preparing a light meal but bringing your own ingredients or special products to share will be warmly welcome! It's a HOME with a HOPE playground sure to be a winner." Text: Master HENGUCHI, Kurome Garou


Date/Time: Dec 4th (Sat), 15:00 ~ around 21:00 (come and go as you please)
Place: OOO
Entrance: ¥1,500 (inc. OOO home-cooked food and 1 drink)
* All profits go to FLAG


We're very welcoming to people who haven't been to OOO before, so don't be shy!

Reservations unnecessary. Inquiries:

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