B-Side Labels • ビーサイドラベル

Awsome stuff. Possibly based on the image of Akashiya Sanma (as speculated by my wife's sister, who is a bit of a J-entertainment buff), the above car label states 'Kansai-jin in Car'.

B-Side Labels also make a lot of other really good funny stickers. Among the best are their caution / information type labels, which carry that special Kansai touch (made right here in Kansai BTW). If you're Kansai and proud of it, you should get yourself one.

Now look, I'll be blunt, I was very naughty taking these pictures and I'm sure I'll get in big trouble if someone finds out. So don't tell anyone that I took them at Tokyu Hands (Shinsaibashi), or that the labels in the pictures above were ¥840.

Based right here in Kansai!

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