Kashiku Cordon Bleu, Kyoto • かしくコルドンブルー、京都

Kashiku Cordon Bleu (website here), is an absolutely fantastic restaurant that you should think about visiting if you're near Keage station (subway) in Kyoto. It's on the way to Nanzenji Temple.

The restaurant serves Japanese food, served with a french approach to cooking. It's all dashingly creative. Most of the ingredients are from Kansai and the surrounds (seasonal as well), and the staff takes pride in the way the food is chosen, presented and served. All food comes in courses, and the wine list is good. At the end of November the family and I dined there, and some of the photos of the food are displayed below. They look goooooood, right?

My wife and I had our nijikai • 二次会 there last year, and the staff were friendly and helped us work out a reasonable deal for everyone, and not only that~! After the party had finished, they gave us two plates heaped with food, and left us both in silence to catch up on eating. And if you ever get married in Japan, you'll understand exactly WHY that was so important to us. If you don't understand, email me and I'll tell you.

Be prepared to have the food moments at Kashiku Cordon Bleu engraved into your hearts if you decide to dine there.

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