Fandango, Juuso • ファンダンゴ、十三

I never knew what Grind Core was until I went to Fandango.

But now I know. I was asked by a mate if I wanted to go and I thought 'well, what the hell'. We'd just got settled in with our beers and were having some pre-band chat before the first band called 'Real Reggae' came on.

We were all kind of shocked. I can only describe it as a non-stop thrashing of all instruments with the lead singer apparently saying the word "f**k" repeatedly into the microphone, until the end of what seemed an eternity. Song after song. With raised eyebrows and hand signals we called an unspoken cease in audio communication, and resumed it once we had exited the premises with our ears going 'piiiiii~'.

But I'd go again believe it or not. You'd just have to lock me in a room with SMAP songs playing constantly for a few hours and I'd be back there like a flash. I'm a big fan of rock, and Fandango does have bands like Electric Eel Shock (personal favourites) in regularly. Transworld Ultra Rock. Oh yeah.

Fandango's website (here) is also in English, so keep an eye on them for an excellent line up of live rock, punk, heavy metal, noise, hardcore, alternative, slash and indie original music.


If you head to Fandango on a Friday or a Saturday night, you might even be hassled by girls in nurse uniforms... if you're a guy (or even if you're a girl, perhaps). You know it's those unique Japanese experiences we crave for.

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