Chou Duncan・超ダンカン

At the moment, Baikado is hosting KUROME-GARO -- Take me to Kurome-Garo when I'm at "This is". It's a frigging awesome exhibition, and Kurome's signature wordplay often spills over into beauties such as the one above, which I came across totally by accident while leafing through a massive pile of Shodo that Kurome Garou's Band—Shinaikannkei—have done.

今、梅花堂で黒目画廊「わたしが This is になっても黒目画廊につれてって」展が開催中です。「frigging awesome」をそのまま訳したら「〈卑俗〉〔形容詞を強調して〕ひどく、すごく + 素晴らしい、すごい、最高の、見事な、いけてる」がでるんです。黒目画廊がfrigging awesome。上の写真に入っている書道が黒目のバンド「市内関係」がしゃれで作られていて、僕が偶然に書道の積み重ねの中に見つけた。


The interesting thing is that the one above has no relation to me. The band member Mariokun drew this. Speculation at the moment suggests that it might have come from 'Chou Kantan' (very easy), mixed into 'Chou Tankan', and then ammended into 'dankan' with the orange ink (usually only used by teachers). Awesome. Henguchi san said the awesome thing was that I found it.


Go and check it out!

22nd (sat) ~ March 6th (sun), 1~7pm, Tues Wed off, FREE
2011年1月22(土)日〜3月6(日)日 13:00〜19:00 火・水休堂 入場無料

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