Japanese Package Design Exhibition • ニッポンのパッケージデザイン展

Yay~! It's finally open, our package design exhibition. It's be great if you could come and see it!


OOOと京都在住のドイツ人デザイナーBianca Beuttelとで企画した

日 時:2011年3月1日(火)〜21日(月)
場 所:イーマ一階多目的ギャラリースペース d~ba
料 金:無料

We're having a talk with Akio Okumura, designer of the Glico logo and Gyuunyuu Sekken from 5:00pm on the 12th of March (¥1000). I'll be translating for those that can't understand!

Also, join Bianca Beuttel for our 'meet the Package Enthusiast' on the 20th of March for a nice 2hr session to talk in depth about Japanese Packages! Trust me, this girl knows her stuff.

You'd be a fool to miss it! See you there!

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Dane Ash said...

Nice work! I would really like to check it out!