GOOD NEWS T-shirt • グッドニューズTシャツ

In collaboration with Sweatshop Union in Osaka, I've created a "GOOD NEWS" t-shirt design: all proceeds from it will be donated to the Red Cross in Japan to help victims of the Earthquake that hit us this month, March 2011.

大阪のSweatshop Unionさんと「GOOD NEWS」のTシャツデザインをしました。利益は全て赤十字に寄付します。

I'm tired of sensational international news about the subject, which tends to blow everything out of scale, so I took a "BAD NEWS" article from the internet and edited it to be "GOOD NEWS". You can see the finer details in the picture below, including the slogan which appears near the hem on the back of the t-shirt.

センセーショナルな(言うったら大げさの)ニューズを飽きた。それで、「BAD NEWS」の記事を書き直して「GOOD NEWS」に変えました。詳細は下記の画像で見えます。

You can purchase it here from sweatshop union, for a reasonable price of ¥1,400.

Japan has suffered a disaster, but we gotta stick together, and turn the bad news into good news. That's what I'm doing, and your help would be appreciated!

日本は大打撃を受けたけど、皆仲良くしようよ!あなたの助けも入れて全て「GOOD NEWS」に変えよう!

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