Kansai Creative: Coudai Nakamura • 関西クリエイテブ:中村晃大

The first time I met Coudai, I was at Jam collecting print samples, and he happened to be manning the desk. It wasn't till later that I found out he painted, and not only painted, but also made the majority of the furniture in Jam's reception.

I first saw Coudai's work at Itohen in Nakazakicho. He happened to be there and he remembered our first encounter. He had some samples of his work with him and pulled them out to show me. I was taken by the interesting characters that appear in his work, and also his habit of adding something funny or peculiar to them.

Later I came across another piece of work where he had drawn a bunch of interesting characters in the footprints of various animals. I found myself bending down to study these faces and laughing at them.

I just have to meet this guy for a chat, I thought to myself.

I asked Coudai out for dinner one evening, and over beer and chicken we had a very pleasant chat about all kinds of things. Coudai likes Osaka, and the way that people always seem to tag something funny onto what they are saying. He's a friendly guy with a DIY attitude: hence the furniture in the reception of Jam. "I brought all the tools myself," he said.

He featured in Summer Sonic 2008 as a live painter (see the image below). "I knew the person in charge through a teacher at the school I used to go to. I showed him some of my stuff and asked if I could paint next year."

For more information on Coudai Nakamura I recommend you check out his website: http://www.codaiweb.com/

Live Painting at Summer Sonic, 2008

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