Lotus Roots Cafe, Nishi Tenma • ロータスルーツカフェ、西天満橋

I work in an office in Nishi Tenma, and I'm just around the corner from Lotus Roots Cafe, a very cozy cafe and gallery. There are few cafes around that also have a dedicated space for exhibitions and workshops, but after visiting those that are there, you kinda wish there was more.

The Building is actually an old house that has been converted with a very rustic feel. There's a small atrium in the middle which is open to the sky, the lights and speakers in the room are made from gourds and there's a cute little arc leading to the wash room that you have to stoop to go under.

Weekly/biweekly there's a new exhibition to see, the menu is full of organic food and drinks, and the staff member working there, Chie Fukami, greets you with a warm and friendly atmosphere making you want to go back there again and again!

I rank Lotus Roots Cafe high on my list of creative places worth visiting.

For more information, visit their website: http://www.lotusroots.org/

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