Midosuji Kappo: Rucksack Exhibition • 御堂筋Kappo:リュックサック展覧会

On Sunday the 12th of October, as part of the Heart of Osaka Autumn Festival • 秋祭り, Midosuji was closed for the afternoon, and art flooded onto the streets (like where the cars usually drive and stuff). I was invited to the event to take part in a slightly-different-than-normal open air Mebic Cluster Meeting, which was held amongst the other artists participating in the Rucksack Exhibition.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to meet Mr. Yamano, chief producer of the Osaka 21st Century Association, the organizer of the event. He organized the rucksack exhibition for the afternoon with the idea that it wouldn't be art on display, but the artists themselves.

The artists were allowed to display anything they could fit into a rucksack, though they were not allowed to sell their work. I arrived early as I wanted to have a good look around at all the individual exhibitions before the Mebic meeting.

I was thoroughly impressed: there are some very nice Illustrators, and I met a nice photographer. I collected a few email addresses and made promises to contact people later.

And then there were these guys (following pictures).

People were allowed to feed them trash • ゴミ. I saw them chasing some kids later when they were let loose.

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