Mebic Creative Cluster Meeting @ Midosuji Kappo • Mebicクリエイティブクラスター @ 御堂筋Kappo

Mebic Ogimachi is a incubation office building set up specifically for people in the creative fields. The Mebic Creative Cluster Meetings are setup for designers and the like to come together, creating connections and networks, while discussing relevant topics. While the meetings are usually held at their HQ in Ogimachi, this time the organizer, Mr. Dono decided to have an open air meeting at the Midosuji Kappo Rucksack Exhibition, and the general public were invited to overhear the discussions.

The MC for the event was Mr. Esaki of the School of Passion • 情熱の学校, who had a natural talent for public speaking, and seemed to enjoy himself the whole time.

We were divided into two groups, left and right of the board in the center. On the left, including myself, were the representatives of Kita • 北 and on the right were the representatives of Minami • 南, though I don't know exactly where the line was drawn in Osaka city. I know that I'm in Tennma, and that's considered north.

The meeting was an open mic style discussion centering around 3 main problems. Though the problems were very business focused and not very creative, they were engaging and I believe that the audience got something from it.

I found that I wasn't able to contribute so much serious discussion as I found my business and client interaction experience very limited, especially in Japan, but at the after party I met some really interesting designers, and most of them running their own companies.

The official report from the meeting can be found here (Japanese only). It includes the very awesome comment I made.

Mebic are located in Ogimachi, Osaka. For more information, visit their website:

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