Art Area B1, Nakanoshima • アートエリアビーワン、中之島

Just last year Keihan opened up the Nakanoshima Sen • 中之島線 in Osaka city, expanding their line all the way through Nakanoshima. And in Naniwabashi Station, Art Area B1 has opened.


I can only say good things. I really can. I went there on a friends recommendation; and I wasn't just impressed with the Paramodel exhibition, I was awed. There were train tracks EVERYWHERE. All up the pillars, and across the roof, up all the walls, right across the floor, up the windows and even outside in the station on top of the ticket machines (kippu uriba • 切符売り場). Paramodel's "model play" •「模型遊び」style of working (as they call it), is really full blown • 本格的 !


Awesomeness, many times over. Keep an eye out for more totally nuts exhibitions at Art Area B1!


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