Millibar Cafe & Gallery, Nishi-ku • ミリバールカフェ&ギャラリー、西区

A breath of fresh air in the slightly creatively dry Nishi-ku area is the Millibar Cafe and Gallery, not too far from Hommachi Station (or Nishiobashi Station).


Brad Howe and myself had a free Friday afternoon back in March and met up for a mini gallery tour. I had been to the Millibar Cafe before last year; we went there after Midosuji Kappo for drinks, dinner and socializing. That time though, the Millibar Gallery upstairs was completely forgotten about in the conversation, food and drink.


This time it was gallery only for us. Manabu Takada and Hideki Yamada were having a joint exhibition; it was the "Freshly Picked Artists Series Vol 10" • 新鋭作家選抜シリーズ展VOL.10 organized by Masakatsu Nishino of Osaka Arts Planning (read all about it on his blog).


"Woah", I can hear you thinking to yourself, "Duncan knows everyone".
『Woah • ヲウ』(感動した時につかう音)『ダンカンは皆知ってる』って考えてるの?

Not true. I didn't know who Manabu Takada and Hideki Yamada were. I do now though! I like Takada san's work: his style is described as Nihonga • 日本画, which translates only as 'Japanese paintings'. He had a few paintings of foliage and flowers done in dull tones and gold paint, as well as some high contrast paintings of flowers on black backgrounds done with extremely fine lines.

ちょっと違う。高田学とヤマダヒデキ知らなかった。だが、今知ってるで!高田さんの作品すき:彼のスタイルは英語で『Japanese paintings』という日本画です。鮮明じゃない色と金色で木の葉と花の絵がありまして、他には黒色背景に細い線で花を塗った対比の絵もありました。

Hideki Yamada had a photography exhibition a short walk down the road at Chef d'oeuvre, a restaurant with a little gallery in the back. Very nice little spot by the way, recommended for dates on tabelog (an online restaurant guide, for those that don't know). Yamada makes some very interesting things which he then takes fantastic photographs of; like cicada shells surrounded by pins, and one very interesting picture of a bunch of bent forks.


At Millibar Gallery, Masakatsu Nishino, whom I mentioned before, appeared out of nowhere and introduced himself as the curator. Osaka Arts Planning has been at it for a few years now. Nishino san said that it's what he wants to do, and he picks all the artists for the event. I think he's the first curator that I've met here!


And below is an awesome photo of me, taking a photo of Chef d'oeuvre, of which the only things clearest are myself and brad, who was desperately trying to avoid having his picture taken.

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janellemac said...

oh D.B,

I popped into Millibar for lunch the other day, and went to Chef-D'oeuvre yesterday for breakfast early.

Even though I just started reading your Blog yesterday, it is fun to know other people have had their own way of discovery and delight at the same places.

I saw the Jun Urata exhibition at the Millibar Gallery. It was all oozy with sepia-toned memory blends.

What a lovely gallery space of sunshine bright!