CASO, Osaka-ko • CASO、大阪港

One nice warm March day, I had an appointment out at Cosmos Square (to see a man about a horse). On the way back, I got off the Chuou-sen at Osaka-ko, to visit this place called CASO (Contemporary Art Space Osaka), which I'd heard about before.

3月のすてきで暖かい日、コスモススクエアで用事ありました(『to see a man about a horse』って行き先をはっきり言いたくない場合の代用表現だよ。覚えてね)。帰る道、中央線の大阪港で降りて、聞いたことあるCASOって伺う目的だった。

At first I was supprised at the size of CASO. It's actually very very large, and it's clearly an old warehouse. The gallery itself has with 6 rooms with high ceilings and plenty of wall space. There's also a lounge on the 2nd floor for visitors and exhibitors, with a library and internet access, also used for parties and lectures. CASO is also know as the Kaigandori Gallery • 海岸通ギャラリー.


I went when the Works 23 Exhibition was on, showcasing 23 graduate school students • 大学院生 from the Naruto Kyoiku Daigaku Geijitsu Course • 鳴門教育大学の芸実コース. Splendid stuff all round! There was something so satisfying about seeing some really large canvases; paintings so large they wouldn't fit in most galleries.

行った時『Works 23』の展示をやってまして、鳴門教育大学の芸実コースからの23人の大学院生たちを陳列。すべて見事な作品でした。ほんまにでかいなキャンバスをみるのがなにかな満足感でしたよ:ふつのギャラリーに入らないサイズぐらい。

Busting out the business cards and smiles, I charmed 3 students on guard into letting me take photos.


Yagi Sogo • 八木聡悟 was a quiet guy who had an absolutely massive painting of a tree, 'gogonoki' (translates roughly as 'the afternoon tree'). He told me that this was his interpretation of an existing one. Flowing lines, liberal amounts of paint; a really raw earthy feel to his work. I was supprised something so intense could come from such a quiet guy.


Sako Yoshihiro • 左古寛博 had the most 3D of all the artworks. His piece comprised of a number of supported foam platforms on which were placed flowers of different colours and insects, all cut from individual pieces of OHP film. I forgot how long it took him to do it.


Lastly, just before I left, I spoke to Sakamoto Masaru • 坂本優 about his highly realistic imagery in his paintings. In the photo above, the two pictures on the right are part of a set of 3, exploring a theme of naimen, gaimen • 内面/外面 (or interior/exterior). He portrayed himself in these paintings as well, with the windows between inside and outside sometimes clear, at others not.


Anyways, if you're ever in the mood for huge, quiet spaces filled with large pieces of art, then CASO is for you. Even if you're not, you should keep an eye on their schedule, as all kinds of exhibitions pop up, right here in Kansai.

とにかく、広くて静かな空間で大きい絵がある所に気分でしたら、CASOだ。それじゃなくても日程を見て、いろんな展示がでる。Right here! in 関西

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