Paper Voice, South Osaka • ペーパーヴォイス、大阪南

Paper Voice is the gallery & showroom of Heiwa Paper. Their Osaka office is a short walk from Subway Nagahorie Station, where you can browse and purchase awesome paper and check out their gallery.


The reason I like Paper Voice is because it's one of the few galleries around that focuses more on Design rather than art. It's just cause I'm a Graphic Designer; that's the only reason I'm biased. Last year I went there to see Helmut Schmid give a lecture on the foundations of swiss typography.

何でペーパーボイスが好きって芸術よりはデザインを中心してます。ただ僕はグラフィックデザイナー;それで見方の偏ってます。去年ヘルミット シュミッドの講義:スイスタイポグラフィーの根拠を見に行きました。よかった。

A single room gallery with a high rotation of events; check out their event calendar here. Cool stuff for Graphic Designers in Kansai!


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