Hinata, Tanimachi 6 Choume • ひなた、谷町6丁目

Proof that even places like Tanimachi 6 (Roku) Choume have their own creative nooks and crannies, Hinata is a great example of the cool hidden places in Osaka.


One rainy April afternoon, I headed there to check out an exhibition by Tomomi Nakashima, who calls herself a 'sweet designer'. I like that title. It accurately describes what she does. More about that exhibition below.


Hinata is a Zakka (variety store), and the owner seems to have a fondness for cats, as is clearly seen in a large selection of the goods. There's a small space in the front of the shop for cups of tea, and a space reserved for exhibitions at the back. The floorboards are creaky, which I liked, and the place is nice and quiet. You feel like you're invited, and not intruding.


Don't rush there if you're not into Zakka. But if you love cats, don't rush anywhere else.

I first met Tomomi Nakashima at OOO's first exhibition last year in April. She was invited to help out during the evening, and designed some cookies for the opening event. They were like little clouds with OOO writen in the middle. I stole a couple, and found them to be very tasty indeed.


This year in April, I got a postcard for her exhibition 「くちびるにあまいうた」 • "A sweet song for your lips", as is seen below. From this distance, you can't see the cookies on the table, so I took a couple of close up shots.


Umbrellas and clouds for a rainy day, of course. I got a guitar and a cat for myself, and the rain pack for my wife, who was delighted with the choice of sweets. Nakashima makes the coolest cookies in Osaka; you should check out her website (here).


I bit the head off the cat first, because that's how I always eat cookies shaped like living creatures. From the head first. Don't laugh, I bet you do too.

If you're there, you might want to check out Hinata's neighbors; there's another Zakka on the left called Carbon and a Wedding Zakka called 07Chocolat on the right, and a ladies hat store across the road.


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