Yokoji Hamburger • ヨコジハンバーガー

All I have to do is mention that this place serves BEER, and that should make you run there. Yokoji Hamburger, a great place to chow down on original burgers in Kansai!

ビールを売ってますって述べるだけで走って行きたいでしょうね。ヨコジハンバーガー、関西でオリジナルハンバーガーを『chow down • 食事を取る』所。chow downってカッコいい表現よ、覚えとけ。

I mean, check this out: MENU

The only place to get a good burger for miles around. At Yokoji, your patty is made when you order it (I could smell mine frying while I waited), which ensures it comes out piping hot and juicy. Burgers are served on NICE BREAD! The staff give you the sauce separately with a spoon, so you can put just how much you want on your burger. The spoon is such a NICE gesture! It's also good for clearing up the bits that fall out; other restaurants you have to use your fingers.


I enjoyed my burger at Yokoji, and I'll be going back there for more. A one store shop, only here in Osaka, Kansai!


Did I mention they serve BEER?


Justin Gallagher said...

Is that really a veggie burger??? I want to go!

Duncan · ダンカン said...

I'm not sure if they do your veggie types. It's a Japanese vege burger; Meat patty and Vegetables. Sorry bud, but we can still go to the Hawaiian place for another one anytime.