Hunsabasara, North Osaka • ハンサバサラ、北大阪

Finding a good sofa is a hard thing to do. They're either too cheap and not well made, or just totally out of your price range. There is one shop in Osaka though that does customized sofa's at very reasonable prices. It also has the world's best behaved mascot, a very friendly dalmatian. Hunsabasara is that shop.


The first floor is their workshop, and upstairs is the shop floor, where you can discuss your needs directly with the shop owner Kawakami San. The shop is not full of examples of their prowess, because all orders are one offs. They give you a totally original piece of furniture, not a factory made copy.


Hunsabasara also do furniture restoration. They showed us some old chairs they were adjusting for a client, which were wonderful makeovers. I must say I was really impressed with their willingness to be flexible. It really made a good impression on me. And, of course, it's lovely being escorted around by the dalmation. She's very quiet, and dosen't lick or demand attention. She's called Rico!


So, if you're looking to invest in a nice piece of furniture, check out Hunsabasara, right here in Osaka.



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