Onuma Craft Beer • 大沼地ビール

Oh yeah, nothing like picking up a ji-beer from Seibu on the weekend.

Onuma Craft beer was in it's own fridge, with all the grandmas around totally paying no attention to it. I felt sorry for the bottles, and decided to pick up a couple. The choice was hard; there were the standard 330ml bottles, or special 3 liter flip-top ones. Choosing sanity over intoxication, I opted for the standard sizes.


Above you can see the Kölsch. Like it's colour, it has a very clean and clear taste. Quite a strong soda taste. At 5%, it's not a heavy hitter, but typical of the Kölsch, is refreshing.


The Indy Pale Ale below was a punch in the face. I was breathing freon after a swallow of this 8% heavy hitter. Although it's carbonation is light, it has a bitter kick to it; every swallow is strong, rich, full, sweet (tastes like honey, too!)


Both beers set me back set me back 1200 yen for the 330ml.

But it's ji-beer.

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