The National Museum of Art, Osaka • 大阪国立国際美術館

The National Museum of Art, Osaka, was relocated to Nakanoshima not that long ago in 2004. The exhibitions are world class, excellently curated, and relevant.


Averaging a turnover about 4 times a year (usually 2 exhibitions are held at the same time), there's plenty of time to visit each one. Considering the facility, and quality of exhibitions, admission prices are reasonable, and there's also various membership deals for hard core Art goers.


It really is in an ideal area as well: Right across the road is Graf, just south is Higobashi and Utsubokoen, which is surrounded by awesome galleries like AD & A Gallery, Port Gallery T, Gallery Den/58 (closing at the end of this year though), Gallery Maison D'Art and Gallery Tsukiyou to Shounen. Just south of NMOA is a nice little bar called 'Beer Belly', serving up 7 different types of ji-beer from around Japan.

そのエリアも理想ですね:道の向こうにGrafがあって、南の方は肥後橋と靭公園、ギャラリーに囲まれている:AD&AギャラリーPort ギャラリー Tギャラリーデン(58)(残念ながら今年で終了してしまう)、ギャラリー メゾンダール、そしてギャラリー月夜と少年。NMOAすぐ南の方に『Beer Belly』と言うバーがありまして、全国から7個の種類の地ビールを出してます。

Who said beer and art don't mix? Beer and Art forever!


janellemac said...

"BEER and ART forever!"


Am I turning Japanese if I think it should be BEER and EDAMAME?

Duncan · ダンカン said...

Yes. Very soon, you'll become an Osan too, like me.