á Terre, North Osaka • ア テール、北大阪

A short walk from JR Fukushima Station is a nice little cafe/zakka/gallery shop called á Terre, perfect for a coffee and a piece of cake.

JR福島駅からちょっとそこまで散歩のところで『á Terre』カフェ・雑貨・ギャラリーがあって、ケーキとコーヒーを取るのに完璧。

á Terre is right next to a park so the 2nd floor café has nothing but greenery to be seen from the windows (check out the photo below!). When I visited there was a photography exhibition on the 3rd floor, showcasing various snaps of Osaka. The gallery was also full of sofas that á Terre produces in house.

ア テールは公園すぐ隣やし、2階の窓から緑しか見えないことですよ(下記の写真をご覧下さい)。伺った時には3階で写真撮影展が様々な大阪のスナップ写真。ギャラリーもア テールさんが作るソファいっぱい置いてます。

The building is nice and retro, the staff smile, and the cafe is quiet.

Not bad, eh.


janellemac said...

Ohayo Duncan!

GENKI on this gorgeous day?

I took my darling Kyoto friend Gary here a few months ago, after a marathon day of OSAKA cafe hopping.

I think he'll be back to Osaka just to visit here.

LOVELY isn't it.


Duncan · ダンカン said...

Hello Janelle,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I heard you were very happy with FLAG too!

I've checked out your blog as well; it's good! Keep up the good work!