Matikane Dining, Senri Chuo • マチカネダイニング、千里中央

On Australia Day (26th of Jan everyone!) i wasn't planning to do much more than go home and have oden, maybe a beer and sit back and chill. The week before I was saved from that terrible fate by Toshi Ota san from Matikane Dining, who mentioned they were having an event and asked if id like to come.

Right up in senri chuo, a short walk north of the station is the very fine establishment of Matikane. Ota san, one of the only pro-Australia Japanese people i know (he even sports various australian pins on his lapel), has chosen a good selection of aussie wines to match the great food they dish up. Oh my god, the food is GREAT. I heard a rumor that the head chef was stolen from one of the leading hotels in osaka. You can find him (Man San) out behind the counter, speaking Osaka Ben, asking straight questions and demanding straight answers.

The Quartet "Dolce" attended the event, a little rattled at performing (they were all so young!), but blasting out startlingly beautiful pieces nevertheless. They also played an original Waltzing Matilda. Toshi went around handing out copies of the lyrics he translated into Japanese himself for customers.
今回、企画て「Dolce • ドルシェ」が演奏に出って、ちょっとどぎまぎって言うたけど(皆若いからね)驚くほどに美しい曲を吹き出した。ワルツィング・マチルダ(Banjo Patterson(バンジョー・パターソン)によるオーストラリアの有名な民謡)のオリジナルヴァジョンもやりまして、僕が泣きそうでした。太田さんは自分がお客さんのたね訳した作詞を配りました。

They're available for parties, contact Kanoko Narukawa on if you ever need a string quartet.

You know, I like the place. It's got charm, it's family oriented, and the staff are full of smiles and look at you when they talk to you. Course meals start from 3,500, great place to take dates and get bonus points for choosing somewhere with nice food.

Did I mention how good the food was?

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