Shovel vol.4 • シャベル vol.4

Creative Gatherting "Shovel" Vol.4 • クリエイティブギャザリング「シャベル」 vol.4

"Shovel" is a creative gathering allowing creative types to bring together their recommended objects or places, collected ideas and creative topics.

As the name suggests, "しゃべる (chat)" and "Shovel" allows people to dig deeper into creative things, objects and people in a lighthearted chatty atmosphere.

第4回のシャベルは、初の出張版。シャベルの趣旨に賛同してくれた中津の設計事務所kra''f・te (クレフテ)のギャラリースペースが会場となります。
The 4th Shovel is our first official tour version. With the approval and endorsement of Shovel's intentions, Nakatsu's Interior Design office kra''f・te will be holding the event in their gallery space.

With an attached bar space, sound and video this time, the 4th Shovel gathering will be a slight variation on the usual one.

Feel free to join us!

シャベル Vol.4
日時: 2月26日(金)19:00~21:00
場所: kra''f・te (クレフテ)
料金: 500円(ワンドリンク付き)
参加申し込み/お問い合わせ: (OOO)
※場所に関するお問い合わせは 06 6375 8368(クレフテ) まで

Shovel Vol.4
Time: Feb. 26th (Fri) 19:00~21:00
Place: kra''f・te |
Participation Fee: ¥500 (inc. 1 drink)
Things to bring: Materials related to something you'd like to either show, discuss or recommend (if you require sound and video, please bring your data with you)
Registration or inquiries: (OOO)*
*For inquiries related to the whereabouts of kra''f・te (like, if you're lost), please call 06 6375 8368

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