36 Eyes Exhibition, Itohen • 『三十六の瞳』の展、いとへん

A couple of months ago now, I got myself to Itohen just in time for Vol.2 of the 36 Eyes exhibition, showcasing a selection of independent artists in the Kansai area. And even on a weekday afternoon I was able to meet some of the artists participating in the even and ask them a few questions.


Interesting collections of objects imprisoned inside glass cases; not seemingly because they were fragile, but more so because imprisonment seemed the objective of the pieces by Megumi Yamamoto San.


Masato Takeichi San said that he spends the greater part of the day on a single of his artworks. He draws what appears to be mechanical contraptions with no apparent functionality. The details in his drawings are so fine that you can't see the pencil lines, and the shading is meticulous! Personally, I'd get a headache doing these types drawings, and Takeichi San said he spends a lot of time on them.


A collection of interesting shapes and gradients of colors seemed to give depth to Yusaku Kubo San's work. With the work below it was like looking at a jungle, or a machine, bronzes and silvers, flowing lines that fill out into hard shapes.


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