Glan Fabrique, Ibaraki • グランファブリック、茨木市

If you're ever in Ibaraki city in Osaka, you should drop by Glan Fabrique. It's a short walk from JR Ibaraki station, but you can also get there from Hankyu without any problems.


It's a lovely renovated old house, and a lot of the framework in the original building hasn't been touched. It still has creaky floors and stuff! There's a studio upstairs called Design Works who run and probably own the place, with Cafe Moka and La Galerie (a gallery space), on the 1st floor. The reason I went to Glan Fabrique was actually to check out the gallery. One of the featuring artists had exhibited at Itohen previously, so I picked up a flier from there. Keep your eyes peeled for gallery fliers, they're one of the only ways to find out what's going on where.

すてきな改装されたお家、元の下部構造は変わってない。キーキーいう床もあるで!上の「Design Works」と呼ぶスタジオは経営をして、1階には「Cafe Moka」 と 「La Galerie」のギャラリースペースあります。ギャラリーを調べるために行きました。そこの特徴画家さんはいとへんで先展示をして、フライヤーをもらいました。ギャラリーフライヤーは目を皿のようにして探してね、「何」と「何処」を調べるためにフライヤーしかないんだ。

Gardens surround the premises, giving the place and inviting feel. To one side of the building there is a stone garden, and there is also a very Japanese garden out the back. The gallery has a window facing the garden out the back, so there's lots of natural light. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but you get that sometimes; it's normal.


Nice place to visit for those who live between Osaka and Kyoto!


yoshiko said...

Hi! I'm Yoshiko, I met you&your wife last weekend in the little restaurant in Taisho. Thank you for the lovely night.I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

Duncan · ダンカン said...

Thank you for visiting the blog Yoshiko! I have a pile of things to blog about, but I'll get around to Toshi's restaurant eventually!