Cante Grande, North Osaka • カンテグランデ、北大阪

If you're, as the Japanese say, kuwashii • 詳しい you'll probably already know that Cante Grande in Nakatsu is where the Urufurus • ウルフルズ worked part time while they were starting out. Apparently this still attracts people from all over Japan, but it's not the only reason to visit Cante!


There are quite a few stores in Osaka, but Nakatsu is where the honten • 本店 (head office) is. It's in the middle of the mini jungle pictured above, on the B1 floor, so when you enter, you descend into a nice quiet place. Cante serves indian food, and the curries are kickass.


I was introduced to Cante through a good Tsunagari • 繋がり (connection), and happy to find a great place in Osaka to just chill out and enjoy green stuff.



janellemac said...

It is just a magical place isn't it!

I love the DOWN. down, DOWN into the green depth!

YES. Something special here indeed.

Duncan · ダンカン said...

Hello again Janelle, you're all over my blog. I hope you can find some cool stuff here!

Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser review said...

I love this place.
Have just been there twice but love the atmosphere and food.
There is a new one in front of Recruit Biru in OSaka which is type of huge and has great atmosphere as well.