Agathe de Bailliencourt • アガット ド バイヤンクール

Agathe is still in Japan until the middle of April sometime. Just as she was wrapping up her installation in the open space at OOO, I squeezed in an interview in her hectic schedule. I was lucky; after 3 weeks in Osaka, she was headed to Tokyo for a month, participating in an overnight art project in Roppongi Hills then headed back to Osaka for another week or so to create and installation at YOD gallery. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

アガットさんは4月まで日本にいるんです。OOOでインスタレイションがおしまいにする前忙しい日程にインタビュウをお願いしました。僕運が良かったほんまに、彼女は大阪で3週間のあと東京で1ヶ月ほどいて、六本木ヒルズで展示をして、そして大阪へ戻ってYOD galleryでまだ展示をする予定。スゲ〜。YODの展示に目を付けていておね。

Agathe had always wanted to be an artist. "But it's not something you become, it's something you are. There comes a point in your life where you can't avoid what you are." She certainly lives out this philosophical point, she's constantly painting colours and sketching, writing or scribbling in her notebook. She kept a visual diary of her time in Japan, and every day was a collage of notes and colours all mixed up with a progression or logic which seems to depend on how she's feeling at the time.


Agathe has a very broad range of skills at her disposal. She studied at the legendary Beaux Arts in Paris, and then after that she studied furniture design at Ecole Boulle. "I also did a lot of film making, and I learnt how to use all the software. I still remember all this as well", she says, standing in all her paint covered gear. When I asked her about the software she uses, she mentioned that she uses Photoshop the most at the moment. The last job she had she worked on a branding export job for TV.

アガットは幅広い経験ありますよ。伝説的のBeaux Arts(パリ)で勉強をし、またはEcole Boulleで家具のデザイン。『映画制作も結構やって、その関係のソフトの使い方も習いました。それもまだ覚えてますよ』って服に飛び散ったペンキのままで教えてくれました。どんなソフトを聞くと今ほとんどPhotoshopなんです。一番最近の仕事でテレビのブランド輸出をやてました。

She has enjoyed working here. This is actually her 5th time to Japan, but the first 4 were all in Tokyo. "It's hard to explain, but it's a very funny country. I'm never bored because everything is so different: basic sensations like sight and sound are filled with totally different things". She described Kansai as drastically different. "In Tokyo, there's a crazy rhythm, but in Kansai, people are more relaxed, people seem to enjoy life more". Damn right! She also said the amount of nature in Kyoto was amazing. It's the first time she's seen a green Japan.


See, it's true. Kansai is just better all round. 

Staying at the Air residency out at the Creative Centre Osaka (you can check the blog here), she was the only foreigner amongst the Japanese. "It was a very Japanese way of living. Like a collective life". Even without the ability to communicate in English, they showed her how to cook eggs, japanese style. Agathe said 'eggs', but maybe they showed her how to make dashimaki. Dunno, I forgot to ask.


What's the most useful Japanese Agathe knows? "Sumimasenn and Arigatougozaimasu are imperative over here."

一番いい日本語は?『日本で すみません と ありがとうございます が必要。』

It was wonderful having Agathe here, and though I missed a chance to go and get drunk with her, we might be seeing her before long. 5 times to Japan is enough to warrant a 6th I think.


Don't forget to check out her website here!

The following is an almost finished photo of the installation at OOO. Below that is Agathe's work on canvas (she asked me to mention that these aren't the finished pieces).

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